Friday, December 10, 2004

A Blogroll is a list of links to other bloggers or columnists that the blogger thinks are worth reading. Some blogrolls are very sophisticated, like the ones found in the sidebar of Byzantium's Shores (the blogrolls begin with "the home port"). Other blogrolls are more straighforward, like Sean's "weblogs I read" (in sidebar). Those of you who read Drudge will be familiar with his list of columnists/pundits/bloggers that runs down the center of his page. That's a blogroll, too.

We have a nascent blogroll of our own under "non-lawyer" and "lawyer blogs". I'm interested in developing the kith&kin blogroll. Is there a blog/pundit/columnist whom you read regularly that you think others ought to read regularly? Put them in the comments section and I'll work on arranging them in our blogroll.

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