Saturday, July 08, 2006

Families and Quirks

Macon, Morgan and I saw Danielson last night at Emo's. (Props to Sean for the life-enriching hype machine)

I recommend "Did I Step on your Trumpet"

Old Timerz opened the show followed by Jad Fair.

Several years ago I busted into Emo's about thirty minutes late for what I expected was an Agnostic Front show. It took me a minute to catch my bearings; instead of a-melodic noise coming from a band of thugs, I heard a-tonal noise coming from some crazy with a nylon-stringed guitar. I was a week late to see Agnostic Front. Instead I saw Daniel Johnston.

Jad Fair reminded me of Daniel Johnston. Apparently, my memory served me well. Neither compelled me to buy anything from them.

Danielson was great. Two drummers, a marimba, a hammond organ, a bass and an acoustic guitar - each player in a handmade uniform - uniform as in everyone was wearing the same thing except for their name patches.

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