Sunday, April 18, 2004

Go Canes! Carol and I attended a luncheon last week at which Larry Coker, the head football coach at the University of Miami, spoke. He told this joke:

Bobby Bowden, coach of the FSU Seminoles, died and, of course, he went to heaven. He was met at the pearly gates by God himself, who took him to where he would be living. It was a house, a modest house: frame construction, two bedrooms, a window air conditioner. In the little front yard there was flag pole with a somewhat bedraggled FSU flag drooping from it.

Coach Bowden took it all in, and then he looked up. There on a hill nearby was a beautiful, spacious multilevel mansion, with a view that commanded miles in every direction. Huge UM football flags on flagpoles at each end whipped and snapped in the wind.

Coach Bowden could not keep quiet. He turned to God and said. "God, I am glad to be in heaven, and I don't want to complain on my first day here. But why do I have this little house and Coach Coker has that big house up on the hill."

God said,

"That's not Coker's house. That's my house."

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