Thursday, April 08, 2004

The War on Wal-Mart. Look at the article by this name written by Steven Malanga in City Journal. (The WSJ published a shorter version on its editorial page on Wednesday, April 7.) If you think that Wal-Mart is not a good thing, especially for poor people and those clinging to the bottom rungs of the middle class, this article could change your mind. Malanga identifies a "crusade" by a left-wing coalition of "labor unions and their allies [who] try to convince the public that super-efficient operators like Wal-Mart lower workers' standard of living." To the contrary, Malanga makes the case that people clamor for the jobs that are open when a Wal-mart store moves into neighborhoods, particularly now that Wal-Mart is moving into urban areas. "[W]orkers in minority communities traditionally friendly to the left's agenda have shocked opponents by welcoming Wal-Mart." There is a lot more in the article to chew on.

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