Monday, May 03, 2004

Audrey's Graduation. Carol and I flew to Tallahassee Saturday morning to attend the law school graduation of our niece (my sister's daughter) Audrey Gay. Audrey was diagnosed with MS about 6 months ago. She had been suffering from it unknowingly for years. She just thought she was tired. But when she woke up one morning without sight in one eye and went to the eye doctor, within 24 hours she was referred up the medical food chain to a neurologist who specializes in the disease, and she received the diagnosis.

Because she is young, her MS doctor felt free to hit her with chemicals and medicines about as hard as one can hit in an effort to get the disease under control. Meanwhile, the Stokes family and friends undertook some serious praying (which continues).

The fact that she was able to go through law school with the disease undiagnosed and untreated and then, when the crisis occurred, withstand the medication (which continues to this day), finish law school and graduate, is a credit to the density of her backbone and the power of prayer. Three cheers for Audrey and thanks be to God!

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