Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hip-Hop Ministry. Greater Miami Youth for Christ has a hip-hop ministry called "Catalyst". There have been 300 first time decisions for Christ this year as a result of that ministry. Check-out the webpage. A young man by the name of Joel Stigale is the staff member who has developed this ministry. He needs your prayer. For one thing, he is not great at fund-raising. (Like Intervarsity, staff members have to raise their own support. His peer group is the hip-hoppers, which may not be a great hunting ground for donors. And Joel himself is not someone who would be in the middle of a traditional church community.) For another, Joel is losing his eyesight to glaucoma. (It is getting treated but I am not sure how effective the treatment is.) Nevertheless, he leads an event each Saturday night in a warehouse where, among other things, people come and "emcee", "dj", spray paint on big plywood panels that are hoisted for each event, dance, or whatever else hip-hoppers do. There is a point where he gets to give a short gospel message, and people quiet down for that. Not everyone buys it, but even the people who reject the gospel admonish the others at these meetings to show Joel "some respect", and they do. And the Spirit has been finding its mark, as the Spirit will do. So when you pray for Joel, praise God for the way he works out his redemptive will.

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