Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Florida Trusts and Estates. I am experimenting with a new blog for my law practice. I am not happy with the advertisement that appears at the top of the page, but this seems to be how the new Blogger, under Google's ownership, will support itself. I am looking into a different blog approach for the firm. But in the meanwhile, we will experiment with this blog.

The primary purpose of the blog will be to allow the other three lawyers and me to post practice nuggets for the benefit of each other. We are continually developing little pieces of knowledge as we work on various cases. But we often forget them and almost always fail to pass them on to one another. So now we have a place where we might put this information.

A secondary purpose would be to attract other lawyers to comment on our posts. Another would be to generate some publicity.

I am talking to a web designer about designing a webpage that will have a blogging feature. We would blog on that webpage, of course. But by having the blog inside our own webpage, we would be able to grow into something more involved than just the blog.

We still have our FindLaw/West Publishing webpage, but we find it difficult to deal with. Blogging is so easy and so much fun. With a local web designer (who also does some sort of hosting), we might be able to be more effective.

I think a blog by lawyers is called a "blawg".

I look forward to your comments.

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