Thursday, July 22, 2004

Changing Majors

I just finished reading, The Worldly Philosophers, by Robert L. Heilbroner. Walter suggested it to me and lent me his copy a few months ago.

If I had read this while a freshman at Davidson, I would have been strongly tempted to major in economics. Maybe the Econ Department at Davidson was trying to limit their number of majors, but the Econ 101 class I took was so mind-numbingly uninteresting that I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Now that I've read Mr. Heilbroner's fascinating account of how and why we're where we are economically, I might actually find that 101 class interesting and even want to take more. Mr. Heilbroner also helped me understand more fully the ongoing conservative/liberal discussion on what makes an economy go, particularly interesting to me in light of all of the current commentary on why/why not Pres. Bush's economic policies are beneficial.

I thank Walter for recommending the book, and pass on that recommendation to you.

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