Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dennis Miller was interviewed on NPR yesterday. On the program Here And Now, Robin Young spoke with Dennis on the phone during a lull in the action at the RNC. The interview came at the end of the 45 minute show (listen to the whole show here).

I clipped just the Dennis Miller interview (which is not directly available on the Here & Now site, you've got to listen to the whole show to hear Dennis). Listen to the Dennis Miller interview here.

Dennis is funny as he explains why he became a Republicanan and why he doesn't care that this might make him unpopular in Hollywood. One of my favorite exchanges between he and Robin is when they talk about whether or not NPR's "guy" is John Kerry (as opposed to Dennis's "guy": George Bush). I highly recommend you spend 6 minutes to listen to this exchange.

UPDATE: I had to delete the Miller audio to make room for more important things, like pictures of Aidan Walter Stokes. If you want the file, email me ( and I'll send it to you.

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