Sunday, January 13, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

So, what did you think?

UPDATE: I saw the second episode last Monday night. It was very good too. I think I am getting hooked. Glenn Reynolds likes it. Here is his post on various Terminator editions.

Someone needs to come up with a graphical way to chart the various time jumps, because this is beginning to get complicated and I am getting on in years. Let me see, do we know people who are graphically gifted?


Scott said...

Liked it. Action-packed, though violent. Not sure how many variations on the same theme they can do (Terminator shows up; lots of shooting/explosions; Sarah/John escape...).

Paul Stokes said...

Very good point, Scott. Maybe the girl robot variation will solve that problem.

Macon said...

we missed it, but have downloaded the first hour from itunes for free! (I love living in the future.)

Kells and I will let you know shortly.

In other news, we watched Live Free or Die Hard. Oooh. That was fun.