Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh, Marvin, Give Us a Break!

World Magazine has gone to twice monthly issues instead of weekly issues, as of January 1. The idea is to cut down on postage costs while delivering a larger magazine. I think the editorial quality may have an increased as well, if for no other reason than that the editors must range a little further into the World to get their content and some diversity is added. As a reader of the magazine, I see it as a good change.

But Marvin Olasky, the Editor in Chief and a Huckabee supporter, is still Marvin Olasky. In reviewing Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite, he questions, among other things, how

broadly [the author] defines evangelicals . . . it's not clear if and how many of his leaders put Christ above kudos. For example, his Bush-related list includes Karen Hughes, an elder in the decidedly unevangelical Presbyterian Church USA.

Mrs. Hughes is a member of Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church in Austin.


Macon said...

so much for M.O. and charity. does that disqualify him as an evangelical?

Paul Stokes said...

Are we to believe, then, that M.O. puts nothing above Christ or that an "evangelical", by definition, is someone who puts nothing above Christ? I would think that Christians should aspire to put nothing above Christ. But in practice, how many of us consistently do so? And if we are able at some point to succeed in doing so, however momentarily, then it is only a matter of God's grace then and there. It would be hardly appropriate for us to draw a line between ourselves and some other Christian whom we believe not to have succeeded as we have. Sloppy writing on MO's part and sloppy thinking.