Friday, May 23, 2008

I love the color black!

So, I love the color black. Dare i say it may be one of my favorite colors. When I think of what color I want a shirt to be, what do I think? black. When I think of what color I want a car to be, what color do I think? black. And, if I think of what color I want a diaper to be....? You got it.

Too bad Fuzzi Bunz no longer makes these in black. Honor only gets to sport this particular diaper since she has grown into her brother's old ones. SO PRECIOUS!!!! a baby in a black does it get any cuter than this?


Paul Stokes said...

I have some black ones too. They were on special at Marshalls and I can't resist a bargain.

Now where's my camera . . .

Kellsey said...

VERY funny. You make me laugh!

thanks for your clever little comment.

mary said...

Nooo! Not funny!

Sorry, Kellsey. We just can't take him anywhere.

Honor is precious, though. I would take her anywhere in an instant--black britches or otherwise.

Carrie Mullins said...

Hi Kellsey,
I am an old friend of Alex and Kelly Kirk's and I stumbled on your blog through Alex's. Anyway, I am getting ready to have my third baby and I have been thinking seriously about switching from regular old Pampers to cloth. Can you offer any advice? There are so many choices when it comes to cloth diapers that I don't quite no where to begin. Any advice/thoughts you can give would be helpful! Thanks!
Carrie Mullins

Carrie Mullins said...

If you would rather not leave all your thoughts about diapers on your blog, you can email me directly:
Carrie Mullins

But it's raining in my heart! said...

Obviously Carrie is new to Kellsey's post. If she had been around for the last 12 months she could have read the book kellsey has written about her diaper research.

Carrie, you've come to the right person. I hope you have the time and space on your computer for all the information Kellsey has to share on one of her Top 10 Topics. (Kellsey's Mom)