Sunday, May 25, 2008


It has taken us more than a year to recover from the renovation, and we have yet to finish what remained for us to do. But we got a good start yesterday on several projects, as Carol worked on the windows and I worked in the backyard spreading what South Floridans call "lawn sand."


Kellsey said...

What the heck is "lawn sand"? and why would you want to spread it over the top of things otherwise lovely and green?

Paul Stokes said...

Lawn sand is sand that has some organic material in it. Usually one spreads it on his lawn in a way thin enough for the grass to grow up through it. One of the purposes is to keep down the thatch that builds up with St. Augustine grass. But in the particular case of what you see, I am trying to fill in a depression that was created by the workmen who drove their trucks into the back yard from the ally when the construction was under way. (They did a nice job on the house itself, but simply destroyed the yard, sprinkler system and lawn around it.) There is a sort of bowl back there, and I am throwing the sand on that area to fill it up. I anticipate that by the end of the summer the grass will have grown over what you see. We are right at the beginning of the summer rainy season, and things grow furiously during that time.

Anonymous said...

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