Friday, November 07, 2008

The Freezer

So, here is where I spent my morning.

BRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yes, Zero. Not 32 or some decent number below freezing, but ZERO degrees. Even with gloves on my fingers were little tiny bricks of ice every time I came back out. I had on a very nice coat (Macon's) that kept my body very warm, but grabbing frozen casseroles, soups and pies and loading them into sacks has a way of getting those little phalanges very very cold!


Anonymous said...

Kellsey, why did you spend your morning in the freezer? And whose freezer was it?

Kellsey said...

ah, yes, I should have said that. I was working for a fundraiser at the kids' preschool. I was organizing and packing people's casseroles, soups and pies. People would buy them out front at a booth, a runner would bring back the order, and I would sort and pack a bag for the customer and set it aside in the freezer for them so they could shop at all the other booths of the fundraiser. When they were done shopping, they would come back and tell me their name. Then I would go find their bag and give it to them.

Today I was at the booth up front (instead of in the freezer-woo-hoo!). We sold out of everything except we had 4 Beef Pasta Casseroles and 12 Southwestern Soups left. I think that means we sold somewhere between 400 and 450 casseroles, soups and pies altogether. I cannot remember the exact numbers, but I know it was more than 400 when all was said and done. I am pooped! Macon and I will be watching a movie tonight and just chilling. I am really looking forward to this!