Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stokes Kith and Kin Community Blog 61% Manly

Is that OK? Maybe if we were PCA we would score higher. Or maybe it was all those diaper posts.

Sean got a 75% rating. (Go, Sean!)

Thank goodness we have Walter posting his Cross-Fit results from time to time. Where would we be without that?

(Thanks, Glenn.)

(And thanks, Honor, for standing up to that girly, girly daffodil outfit. I know we got some points for that.)


Sean Meade said...

wow. i feel so manly.

yeah, i'm pretty sure Kellsey's posts are bringing down your score ;-)

mary said...
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mary said...

Can I just point out that there is now a 4:7 ratio of men to women in this Stokes family?

Kellsey said...

bringing down? Down?! hmph.

And, Mary, props to you, girl. Great observation.

Sean Meade said...

well, yes, Kellsey. you're bringing down the manliness quotient. no criticism of you, right? :-)

Kellsey said...

I know, I know...just being silly, yo.