Monday, December 08, 2008


It's started already...the desire to be cool. The longing for things that are cool.

I bought Aidan some new shoes recently and had them shipped to our house since they didn't have his size at the store. I should have waited until the morning when he was not so very tired, but he saw the box and wanted to see them, so I showed him.
And I quote:
"I don' like them, Mommy. They don't look cool. and, I only like things that are cool."

Seriously?!! He's only 4!!! Not to mention the fact, that they are indeed cool. They light up for goodness sakes. And, they were only $30. Stride Rite shoes usually cost between $40 and $60 per pair! I'm not taking 'em back. I sure hope he likes them better in the morning.


I could write about how I really hoped that he would like them, and how disappointed I am that he doesn't. I could write about how shocked I was at how the "coolness" factor has already kicked in. I could write about how I really want to raise him to know that he is precious and wonderful no matter how cool what he wears is or is not. but really, "sigh..." seems to express it best. So, I say again,



mary said...

Whaaaat? I think those are way cool shoes.

But I'm sorry, Kells. I know my opinion doesn't really matter here. I do, however, want to affirm you in your purchase of what clearly should be considered cool shoes.

Sean Meade said...

totally belated, but it makes me think of the Calvin and Hobbes that goes something like:

(Calvin in sunglasses)
Mom: $50 for jeans?! I don't even wear $50 jeans! Why in the world would you need these jeans?!
Hobbes (whispers to Calvin): Babes
Calvin: Babes, mom. I gotta' look cool.


Paul Stokes said...

Somehow I don't think that Aidan will ever lack for "Babes.":)