Thursday, December 18, 2008

PC to Apple

My Christmas present from Carol will be a MacBook White. On the very day we ordered it, my HP Laptop died. Goodbye, then, to all that. (Except when I'm at the office.)

I will soon become a real nuisance to Mary Ann, Macon, Walter, and Mary, as I enter this brave new world. (Not that I am not already a nuisance, especially to the children. But that's called "rough justice.")


MA said...

Yea, Paul!! What has taken you and the rest of the world so long to realize that the best computing is done with a Mac!!!

Hope you have it with you in Austin!!

"See" you Thursday!!

Paul Stokes said...

We are taking it to Austin, Mary Ann. (I have to confess that I loaded it with the Mac version of Microsoft Office.) But it is elegant when compared to my HP (which, by the way, recovered). I am enjoying it, although there is definitely a learning curve, and the way it operates is definitely not self-evident.

MA said...

Great purchase, Carol! Thanks for helping my Apple stock!!