Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dove Avenue [Banana] Plantation November Update: Fruit Coming!

The first photo shows all three "trees" (they really are plants). The 'Cavendish' is in the rear; the 'Goldfinger' (aka 'FHIA-01') on the right and the 'Ice Cream' (aka 'Blue Java' or 'Ney Mannan') on the left.

The second photo shows the inaugural bunch of the Dove Avenue Plantation, this one on the Cavendish, and not yet mature.

The third photo shows the flowering head developing on the Goldfinger. The fruit develops from this part of the plant.


Kellsey said...

Amazing!!! You guys are awesome!

Paul Stokes said...

All we did was plant the banana plants, water them, and apply fertilizer each month. It is amazing to us too.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If that middle picture is an indicator of things to come it looks like you are going to have a TON of bananas soon. You know, you can freeze those things, right?...wishing we were your neighbors so we could get the excesses for our green smoothies!