Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good-bye, Mr. Sharpe

In the middle of the fourth book in the Sharpe series, Sharpe's Trafalgar, our hero murders a man who threatens to tell a cuckolded husband of Sharpe's affair with the cuckold's wife. Notwithstanding that the victim was seeking to use the threat to have his own way with the adulteress, I concluded that Sharpe is not a man I want to spend any more time with and put the book down.


Ben Ostrowsky said...

Stay away from 2 Samuel, too. That David guy is a real schmuck.

Paul Stokes said...

Ben, I can't see Mr. Sharpe writing something like Psalm 51. But if those who have read the entire Sharpe series disagree, then I will certainly pick up the book again. (I'm flattered you look at the blog now and then!)

Paul Stokes said...

I would also add that David's criminal act was far more serious than that of Mr. Sharpe.