Thursday, April 29, 2010

"A leading cleric warned that women who dressed immodestly disturbed young men and the consequent agitation caused earthquakes"

Do they know about South Beach?


Ben Ostrowsky said...

Oh, I'm sure the cleric would ask you if you've ever heard of Hurricane Andrew. Or was that Pat Robertson?

Paul Stokes said...

That was Pat Robertson. If only he had been living in So. Florida at the time of Andrew.

But the situation with Pat Robertson has nothing to do with young women who dressed immodestly. It has everything to do with Rev. Robertson's belief in the power of his prayers.

The thing to do is to sneak Rev. Robertson out of the US and into Iran. That would solve a lot of problems all around. (Where is the Mossad when you really need them?)

By the way, young women (actually both young women and older women) causing the earth to move is nothing new, according to Hemingway and other sources.