Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things I Love in Austin...the first post

This is what I saw on my way to Town Lake (which has officially been voted "Ladybird Lake", but I just can't make the transition). You can't really see it, but that entire little lower bar to the stroller has deep maroon fringe hanging from it. This is the most "pimped" stroller I have EVER seen.

This is the beginning of the trail I run at Town Lake. The section I run about 4 times a week is 3.1 miles. If I ran to the next further bridge to cross over the river (which is a section of "The Colorado River" and which is at this point called either Town Lake or the aforementioned Ladybird Lake), it would be 4.17 miles. If I ran another bridge further it would be 4.82 miles. The longest route is either 10 miles or 13, I can't remember. Maybe someday I will run it. But for now, I am enjoying pushing myself to go faster and stronger on my little 5k section.

This is what I see when I have reached Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge (my midway point). On this particular day, I got to be there when the sun was rising. It was lovely, and so nice outside: mid 50's, cool breeze. It would only have been better if I had had the bonus of getting to have Macon run with me. This day, I was alone. (Unless you count, Michael Jackson, Rob Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love, Linkin' Park, Kelly Clarkson, the Dixie Chicks and others who run with me often.)

These last two pictures are what I see when I come to the end of my run and look either way off the last pedestrian bridge.

I love Town Lake Trail. What a beautiful place to run. Lately the trail has been heavy with green. I love the peace, I love that no matter what time I am there, there are always other people running, walking, biking...pushing single, double and even triple jogging strollers! I love that the dirt trail is soft on my legs and doesn't pound back against me like the streets around my house. I love that I have grown to not only love how I feel after the run, but also how I feel on the run when I am there.


Lindsay said...

Love this, Kells! I hope there is more to come!

mary said...

Love this, too! Wish I could join you for a run-

Paul Stokes said...

Great photos! Thanks.