Thursday, November 11, 2010

The book fair is almost here! (We still have rooms available at the Dove Avenue Hostel.) Raquel of Downtown Miami Book Center, one of the founders of the fair, is running the exhibit that Mexico is presenting there. I saw her today and she said she was about to take delivery of over 40,000 books on a truck just arriving from Mexico to stock the exhibit. It will be the only country exhibit there this year.
(I introduced Raquel to Cousin Kate [Johnson Sussman] a couple of weekends ago. Kate was on her way back to Rochester after a 7 day trip to Cuba. She had a layover in Miami just long enough for me to pick her up, bring her back downtown for lunch at Fratelli Milano and a visit to Raquel at her bookshop. They hit it off immediately. When I saw Raquel today at the shop, she was on the computer reading an email from Kate.)

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