Thursday, December 02, 2010

You Want Change? I'll Show You Change!

Weight Watchers has revamped its program: Lots of early positive comments on the Web, such as this one. But we'll see.

We had the roll-out at our meeting on Tuesday. The points-calculation approach is completely new, and appears to be best handled using a special electronic calculator (an introductory price of just $6, but the thing looks like a woman's compact. At least its not pink.).

No points for fruit, which is eyebrow raising. One of the new WW booklets states "No one ever got fat eating bananas," which went far in selling me on the new program, except that I don't believe it.

The new system increases significantly the emphasis on "eating healthy" that I've seen as a growing, positive element in WW over the last decade. It is no longer just "portion control."

What is not new is "tracking," the bane of my personal use of the program. One simply has to track to succeed, and now there is a new points system to master. But I credit WW with teaching me a lot about dealing with food, and I hope the new system will help a lot more people. (I lost nearly 30 pounds when I first got on it, although I have gained up to 10 pounds back. I'm now at about 6 pounds above my 155 lb goal weight and hope to get back to goal. But it is an ongoing battle, and thus my continuing, active involvement with WW.)


Sean Meade said...

right. tracking is my bane, too.

having a little success lately with humility/dying to self and not needing to eat so much, but it's only been a few days...

Paul Stokes said...

Don't give up! It's very difficult. You're in my prayers right now.

Sean Meade said...

thanks, Paul! i appreciate it!