Saturday, December 04, 2010

Got Cow's Milk? Got Parkinson's Disease?

Men who consume more than two glasses of milk have twice the incidence of PD as men who do not drink cow’s milk. The American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort study has found almost twice the incidence of PD in the highest consumers of milk.

-from this month's issue of Dr. McDougall's newsletter (what a trouble-maker he is!). Read the entire article. His discussion about just why this is the case is well worth reading. His comments on pesticide accumulation as you go up the food chain are disturbing, and his description of the nursing mother passing on that accumulation to her infant is hair-raising.


Walter said...

As you know:
I hadn't slept deeply for two years, since going off my beta-blockers from when I was being treated for my Graves Disease symptoms. In those two years, I would start/shake/have a tremor, etc about every few minutes while I was sleeping. This both kept me from sleeping deeply, and it woke up Morgan. Needless to say, this was not a good situation. The tempurpedic bed went a long way to improving Morgan's sleep, but I was still a bit miserable. Then one night I slept great, and it was so striking a difference, I woke up the next morning and tried desperately to figure out what was different about the previous day. I'd tried most everything I could think of - no alcohol, no caffeine, the right synthroid dosage, no stress - nothing had any effect. I realized that I hadn't had any dairy the day before. So I tried having some dairy that day, and as I lay down that night, I knew I wasn't going to sleep well. So the next day, I didn't have any dairy, and I slept perfectly. So no dairy since then. My endocrinologist never suggested not having dairy as we tried to figure out what was going on. Honestly, I wonder if I would have needed to ablate my thyroid for the "Graves Disease" if I'd just stopped the dairy back in 2005. Oh well. wa wa

Carol said...


Paul Stokes said...

I thank God that you were able to find your way through this, Walter. How angry these food issues make me! The creation does groan, and now we see an important way in which it does so, does so in a way to which I, at least, was completely blind.