Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brazil Views Immigration as a Valuable "Flow of Minds" into its Economy

While the United States wrangles over immigration policy, Brazil has already made up its mind about immigrants. It wants more — as many as 6 million more.

They’re needed, said Brazilian officials, to accelerate Brazil’s development.

“In a globalized world, we need not only the flow of goods and services but also the flow of minds,’’ said Brazil’s Secretary of Strategic Affairs Ricardo Paes de Barros. “We’re not after population; we’re after talent and human capital. By opening society, we can accelerate the development process.”

-from "Brazil is in the market for immigrants" in today's Miami Herald.

Compare the World Magazine article in its February issue, "Friend or foe," which shows the link between some of those opposed to immigration reform and their promotion of abortion on demand.  There is a sinister consistency with that opposition: cut-off the flow of minds into our country from any source, whether from the womb or from other countries.

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