Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rest and Nutrition. What a Concept.

[New Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip] Kelly is not coy about embracing science, as evidenced by the hiring of a sports-science coordinator. There are two specific areas that Kelly has addressed: sleep and nutrition. He said an elite athlete requires 10 to 12 hours of sleep. He believes there's a best physiological time to practice, but he still needs to figure out the logistics for the Eagles. He also pays attention to what his players eat and when.

"Everybody has a dining hall, and they're not eating Tastykakes and Chickie's and Pete's fries every night," Kelly said. "When you get to this level you are always talking about nutrition and their diet and things like that. Some guys do it, and some guys leave the building and go to McDonald's.

"[The question is,] did you get the right guy who is going to buy into what you're doing?"

-From "Eagles Coach Chip Kelly: 'I'm no genius' " in the Philadelphia Inquirer 4 days ago.

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