Monday, March 30, 2015

Bosch: Gifted People Breaking the Rules. Please.

Amazon recently posted to Prime a TV video series called Bosch, based on the "police procedural" series written by Michael Connolly, some of whose novesl I have read.  I have viewed the first two episodes.  They are about a brilliant detective who (wait for it, wait for it) breaks the rules.

Really, I'm so tired of gifted people who break the rules, whether in the movies or TV or whom the media exults - especially sports media and in politics.  In real life, these sorts of people finally crash and burn, creating a lot of damage - unless they are protected by an exceptional institution.

By exceptional institution, I mean a political party or political institution or a sports franchise, a college or high school athletic department, or some other institution that thinks it can manage such people and profit by them.  I mean, especially, institutions that have accumulated enough power to defy the market place.

I don't include institutions in my indictment in which there are adults in charge, adults who have made a careful calculus of cost and benefit and, in a way that is transparent and makes sense, have shaped the rules so that the gifted - but otherwise undisciplined person - can perform effectively.   But usually, in "real life," these gifted people, after a certain near-point, will be expelled onto the streets.

Bosch had fine "production values," and is fairly well acted.  But like the nasty lieutenant who gives Bosch a lot of trouble, I wouldn't tolerate the guy on my team.  Bosch simply makes too many bad decisions, whatever happy outcome that the producers contrive.

Good-bye, Bosch.

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