Friday, February 06, 2004

Enabling "Comments". Macon suggested that we add to the blog the ability for the reader of a post to make a comment. I researched this to find that, which hosts our site, does not yet have this facility. But the people at referred me to other internet sites that would, somehow, connect a "comment" feature to our community blogsite. I went to, read up on what it offers , and, with a good bit of trial and error, figured out how to import the feature.

(Amazingly, offers its service for free! But so does Isn't that something! Note that I even programmed in haloscan's little logo at the bottom of our blogsite page. Cool, eh?)

Just as I connected the feature to the feature, Walter must have entered our blogsite, only to leave a smarty-pants comment. You know, you work hard at creating something for your family and friends, and then one of your own flesh and blood . . .

And did you read that nasty post about hell freezing over from Macon? (And by the way, we don't use words like that on this blog. I referred the matter to Mr. Powell.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comment feature. Just part of our ongoing effort to counteract the centrifugal forces that the American culture applies to the community of our kith and kin. (I need to figure out how to import some nobility music to go along with my posts.)

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