Wednesday, February 04, 2004

With some of my xmas money I made my very first eBay purchase! (Not the first time I ever bid on anything at eBay, but definitely the first time I was the high bidder on something.) Besides being flush with success at being the high bidder, I'm also excited about my purchase: a 3com Audrey. As you can see from the link, the Audrey is a discontinued "internet appliance," from back in dotcom bubble days when technophiles saw a computer on every kitchen counter in every home. What I'm most interested in is its ostensible capacity for Kells and I to hotsync our Palms to it and create a master household calendar, so we can see when each other has made appointments during the day. I also hope that it could be our electronic "rolodex", and maybe even a digital "family communicator." (although i think I'd have to write "Macon, Lijia called" somewhere on it with a permanent marker for that to happen.) We'll see if this all works out. I'm not sure I have the skillz to integrate it into our Mac household. I surely don't have the kung-fu to do any nifty hacks on it, but if I can find the time and the right websites, maybe I can get it to do some cool stuff!

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