Monday, May 23, 2005

More on the "Exceedingly Seedy" Man and Friday's non-incident. Coming in to work today, I got off the MetroMover at the Second Street station, came down the steps, and there, fast asleep at the base of one of the columns on which the MetroMover track perches, was the "exceedingly seedy" man on whom I reported Friday. He did not awaken as I passed by.

The point of Friday's report was, at least in part, to demonstrate that, regardless of one's self-defense preparation, one avoids confrontation. Florida's new law, the one that seems to provide that one need not back down from a deadly confrontation, is of no interest to me.

Over the weekend I again read the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, looking toward a Sunday soon when I am supposed to deliver a sermon of my own in the pastor's absence. What does one do about exceedingly seedy men and Matthew 5:42, not that this particular man has asked me for anything. One dispensationalist I knew said that the Sermon's imperatives do not apply to "this age". What a relief.

(For a discussion of the Sermon on the Mount, Dispensationalism, and the Mennonites, see this link.)

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