Sunday, May 08, 2005

More on Family.

Egerton (sometimes "Edgerton"). Carol's maternal grandmother was an Egerton.

Gross. Barbara Gross married Young Stokes. (see below)

Dykes. Virginia Ann Dykes married Greenberry Jefferson Stokes. (see below)

Aidan's male ancestors down to him on the Stokes side: Young Stokes (b ca. 1811), the father of Greenberry Jefferson (1839-1912), the father of Walter Levi (1877-1949), the father of Walter Johnson (1912-1996), the father of Paul Mason (b, 1946) , the father of Walter Ashley, Mary Juanita, and Macon Lanford, the father of Aidan Walter.

Greenberry Jefferson Stokes, according to a family history, was born in Tennessee [on a mountain top?]. "He enlisted in Company D, 6th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, April 25, 1861, and was a member of the famous "Raccoon Roughs"; the Company organized by the late General John B. Gordon and served with distinction throughout the Civil War as a Confederate soldier. He was wounded in Sharpsburg, Maryland (Battle of Antietam) September 17, 1862, and was captured September 21, 1863. Sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, to Rock Island, Illinois, and then to Louisville, Kentucky to be exchanged."

(For more on General Gordon and the Raccoon Roughs go to this webpage. It not only has a photo of Gordon, it also has a photo of a reunion of veterans. Among them is Greenberry Jefferson. The reunion photo, according to the webpage, was supplied by Shirley Denny of Akron, Ohio. Shirley is my second cousin. She is a daughter of my dad's first cousin, Judson Walker Stokes, who went by "JW".)

Young Stokes married Virginia Ann Dykes, who would be Aidan's great, great grandmother, on his father's side. Barbara Gross on that side would be his great, great, great grandmother.

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