Saturday, May 28, 2005


I was chewing some ice back in that hot summer of 2000 and chewed a bit too hard.
I spent a few days having a root canal. Then I moved to Dallas before the permanent crown was ready, so I had a dentist in Dallas put the porcelin crown on.

A few years passed. I married and settled down in the UT student housing. Halloween came, and I sat on the couch to chew some Now and Laters and soon was chewing Now and Laters and loose porcelin crown.

So then I went to my man, Dr. Sonier, and he set me up with the gold bling.

I've been sporting the precious metal for about 2.5 years now, but now it's hurting again. I think the tooth beneath the shine has reabcessed.

The good doctor called in some antibiotics and pain meds for me this morning. I'll go in to see him on Tuesday.

I might be going from solid gold to toothless.

Like so many before me....

And I still don't have Tom's address for the mix CD.

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