Saturday, July 30, 2005

Finally had a normal Saturday here in Austin. It was a wonderful day! Slept late (7am) because Aidan did. Had a leisurely breakfast, matching Aidan spoonful for spoonfull, him baby-yogurt, me oatmeal. Kells, Mary & Aidan went for a morning walk while I spent a productive morning paying bills. We all sat around the dining room table and ate lunch together, enjoying each other's company, and then decided that an excellent hot summer afternoon activity was to walk down to Amy's Ice Cream on South Congress. So we did, and then followed that up with some antiquing in the vicinity. Back home, Kellsey, Mary & Aidan napped while I worked up the latest version of the family budget. After naps, we all sat in the den and while Mary and I played on our guitars. (She learning, me coaching, Kellsey & Aidan singing along.) Then I went back to the budget, Kellsey played with Aidan, and Mary cooked dinner. Kells fed the boy, I scrubbed him down and put him to sleep. We all sat down at the table again for Mary's marvelous meal. Kells and I had a "family meeting" to go over/fine tune the budget, Mary baked scones. Budgeting for 2005 accomplished, we all had tea/milk & scones. Followed up with some brief channel surfing, and now I'm headed towards bed with a book in my hand. I do not think the day could be improved: accomplished some good work (budgeting had been way overdue!), good conversation with beautiful women, played with my son, ate great food, saw some Austin Wierdness, all in a relaxed way. Well, maybe if you had joined us, that would have improved it, but that's all I can think to add.

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