Sunday, July 17, 2005

Settling In
here in Austin, Tejas. It took almost 3 weeks for us to get our broadband connected. We decided to go with the TimeWarner Cable All-In-One (phone/cable/broadband). Seems like a good deal to us: local/long distance, digital cable & dvr, cable internet -- one flat fee. Now that it's here, it's very nice. The problem is that TWC holds the monopoly on such a bundled service, and their customer service left a great deal to be desired. (The actual "cable guy", though, once he got here, was super nice.)

The Digital Video Recorder (which will hereafter be referred to as the TIVO, even though it's not a "TIVO", because TIVO has already been verbed and I like it better than verbing DVR) is already getting a work out. We've set it to record this new season of Battlestar Galactica (a superfantastic show!) on SciFi Channel, the seasons of Batman and Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network, and the rest of the Tour de France, which I'm watching right now. Mary, who is spending the month with us, tivoed True Grit for watching later. And last night, Walter came over and we tried out the Video On Demand by "renting" House of Flying Daggers (a movie in the company of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero). It was $3.95 for 24 hours. That's what we would have paid for a Blockbuster rental, even though we would have gotten the Blockbuster rental for a week. But we didn't want to watch it over a week, we wanted to watch it once, on Saturday night. And, we didn't want to leave the house, so the VOD was the way to go!

We've really enjoyed all the family time we've gotten with the Stokes & Sewell sides of the familiy. Soon I'll post about the drive from Charlotte to Austin.

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