Tuesday, July 19, 2005

GTD anyone?
David Allen is putting on a one day seminar in a number of cities this Fall. Where shall we go? Chicago (9/14), Minneapolis (9/22), Boston (9/30), DC (10/26), Seattle (11/11) are some of the options. If we get at least ten people, we'll each get $200 off the cost. I can think of a few folks who might be interested: me, Paul, Walt, Mary?, Jud?, Joel?, Morgan?, Lindsay?, Carol?, Scott? that's ten, but surely there are more Kith&Kin who've been absolutely riveted and fascinated by all the GTD talk around here. (Any IV staff?) We could register as the "Kith & Kin Community"! (Sean, you've declared your GTD opposition/obsession, maybe meeting David Allen Himself will clear things up for you.)

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