Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My law partner Jane went to Barnes & Noble (Borders? I can't remember which one she mentioned. And is there a difference?) with her two teenage sons on midnight of Harry Potter night. She said that the line was hours - hours long, and they were near the end of it. After awhile, people started coming out of the store, having bought not just one but several books. Those people offered their extra books for resale to those toward the end of the line for $30 apiece (they had just paid $20 for each of them inside the store). Jane bought one and they went home. She did the math. That's why she's such a great law partner.

There's a big article on the front page of the WSJ today about how states are cancelling new coal fired electric generators the construction of which had been authorized, on account of the carbon emission issues. The price of coal mining stocks is now heading south, having ramped up over the last couple of years because of the higher and higher cost of natural gas and oil. We have a huge supply of coal, enough to take care of our energy needs for decades and decades. But no. That's not to be. Florida's new Republican governor is at the forefront of this turn away from coal. (Florida gets a lot of its fuel from Venezuela, so don't worry.) UPDATE: Ooops. Glenn Reynolds beat me to it.

The WSJ also reports that iPhone orders undersold expectations, which surprises me. Some people are blaming it on ATT's inability to keep up with the demand for connecting to the system. I think its because so many people are so involved in trying to figure out their Treos (mostly unsuccessfully) that they didn't notice.

Mary flew into Miami from Africa today. She came home for a quick shower and took off with Carol for Dadeland.

Some theology.

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