Thursday, September 20, 2007

God and Evolution

Last night at our men's Bible study, Hernan spoke of a teacher who demonstrated a proof of God as creator to a class in which Hernan was a student, by bringing in a clock. The demonstration, Hernan reported, was in response to a student who said that he believed that life was not created, but that everything we see is the result of chance.

The teacher disassembled the clock into its many pieces. Then he gathered up the pieces and threw them all up in the air. They clattered to the floor in a mess of parts and pieces. "How many times," he asked, "would I have to do this before the pieces fell together into the working clock, not only properly assembled, but wound and set?"

So much for chance.

I am reading an article written by Avery Cardinal Dulles, S. J., in First Things magazine, entitled "God and Evolution". It is a very helpful overview of this matter, written by a former Presbyterian who not only became a Roman Catholic but a Cardinal who commands great respect inside and out side that church. The link will take you to the article.

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