Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello on Sunday!

Mary writes over on her blog a great post about things she does in Kenya that she doesn't do in the states.

Carol and I had a double date with a new couple from church. We went to Dolphin Mall and ate at a Mexican restaurant called 100% Natural. We learned that this is a chain from Mexico, and Miami has the first one in the states. We knew that the place was algo differente quando no encuentre corn chips. The food was very good.

Rob is married to Gretchen. They have two young children, and we realized somewhere during the evening that we are old enough to be Rob and Gretchen's parents. (Sigh). Rob did five years in the Peace Corps. He was born and raised in NY, grew up in the Bronx, and went to Dartmouth. His parents are from Jamaica. Gretchen is from Montana and they met here in Miami, where he is an investment advisor and she works for FedEx. They live in the Harden's old house.

Friday night we went to see an undergraduate production of the Fantastiks at UM's Ring Theater with Austin and Linda, also a couple from our church with kids too, but two of theirs are (at least!) out of the house. The production was fun. This musical was popular when Carol and I were in college. She had had a date to see it when it came to Duke, but she got the flu and had to miss it. (Good, I thought; the date wasn't with me. It is far too romantic a play to think of your wife going to it with someone else.)

Van asked me to preach the sermon when he goes out of town in a couple of weeks. I'm mulling that over and I'm not sure. That's not something I do. I do have a topic that I have been mulling over for years, "Nowadays is there any point to the Sabbath?"

The new TV came from Abe's of Maine. A Sony flat screen HD, 32 inch. I told Mary yesterday on IM that everyone will think of me as a hypocrite after what I say and write about TV. What I write stands, however. It certainly is an improvement on the picture, and works great with the rabbit ears I took off the old one, but Carol thinks that arrangement looks a little strange. For some reason, the programming from broadcast TV remains the same. I had a DVD of Miami Vice I had not seen and looked at that for awhile, but the movie was so lame that I ejected the thing about 20 minutes into it (Michael Mann was having a very bad day that day. On the other hand, I saw Carol and me in the Tubbs & Girlfriend couple. They were and we are so Miami).

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