Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello, Miami!

We arrived to simply beautiful weather in Miami this afternoon, about 3 PM, after a smooth, 9 hour flight from Madrid. (Saw two movies, "August Rush" and "Freedom Writers", finished reading "The Shadow of the Sun", having read the Clarence Thomas memoir on the way over, "My Grandfather's Son", which was simply outstanding.)

Mary, Carol and I were up at 6 AM Madrid time this morning, ate a breakfast in our room and were at the airport via taxi before 8AM. At the airport, we had a last round of cafe con leche (with Carol having her tea and zuma), having sauntered up to the bar just like the Spanish do, ignoring the tables.

Mary's flight was to Casablanca, retracing her steps. There she would meet her friend Jill and fly to Dubai, a flight of 9 hours alone; then a long, long layover for a flight down to Nairobi, which will also be be 9 or so hours. She and Jill will essentially spend the night at the airport in Dubai. Grueling.)

But in Madrid's airport, Mary's gate was near ours, and we saw her off. We remarked how the travelers to Morocco were mostly men. The women seemed to be mainly a few tourists and Mary. It was hard to see her go. It will be so good to have her back in the States in just three months.


Kellsey said...

Welcome home!!!

We are so glad that you are back!

mary said...

36 hours, 3 continents, and 4 countries later...I'm back at home in Kijabe. (While I arrived safely and soundly, my baggage seems to have stayed on in Casablanca for more vacations time; I do hope it rejoins me soon.)

It was a wonderful trip, and I'm sad it's all over.