Friday, April 11, 2008


This first photo captured one of Aidan's first experiences with "Brain Freeze."

And these other photos. . . well, they're just cute. Props to Macon for such fabulous photographic skills.

Should you ever get the chance to visit Austin, may we recommend stopping at one of our local "Sno Beach" snow cone stands? They are truly an amazing experience. They probably have around 50 flavors and you can add cream or ice cream should you so desire. Aidan orders by color (e.g., "I want green and white please"...{lime with cream}). I almost always get the pina colada with cream, and Macon varies his order almost every visit. Honor has only had two snow cones, both of them plain ice. She didn't seem to mind that there was no flavor, but shamelessly enjoyed shoving handfulls of shaved ice into her mouth in between bouts of trying very very hard to get some or any snow cone to stay on her spoon.

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kristen said...

What cute brain freeze pics!

Might I recommend Casey's New Orlean's SnoBalls? They are at 51st and Airport and I still crave them four years after moving away. They do have cream, and the consistency of the ice is really different and makes them to die for.