Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Signs Honor knows at almost 15 months:
1. milk
2. more
3. all done
4. bath
5. book
6. cat
7. bear
8. light
9. fan
10. butterfly
11. sleep
12. dog
13. duck
14. hot
15. baby
16. fish
17. sun
18. big
19. hat
20. phone
21. diaper
22. squirrel
23. eat
24. bird
25. bunny
26. elephant

(and she can sort of sign "I love you")

Words she can say (or enough for mommy and daddy to understand):
1. ma-ma
2. da-da
3. bubba
4. ball
5. hi
6. bye bye
7. out
8. up

1. Bye Bye, Da-da

Lately, she has been learning at least a few signs a week. She seems to really enjoy using her signs and not just to point something out. sometimes, I think she signs with me just to communicate and connect. I will walk in her room and she will point out the fan, the light, and her elephant. She will make signs for them all and as I sign them back to her and say the words out loud, she will get a huge grin on her face and then laugh. She's not pointing out anything new, she's just talking with Mommy. She seems to get great satisfaction from this connecting and I am LOVING both the connection and her evident joy from being able to do so. What precious times these are.


Kellsey said...

Oh, and I forgot the signs for gorilla, flowers, moon, and shoes. Man, she's picking up signs fast these days!

Kellsey said...

I cannot believe it, I forgot to include my favorite spoken word, "Wow!" (which sounds like "wa-ow". And of course I forgot her newest sign, "Where?"

I blame my inability to remember it all in one sitting on a lack of sleep (it's been accumulating now for about 4 years). It does seriously bad things to my memory. ;-)

Sean Meade said...

we were just talking about baby signs the other day, remembering them with fondness. most importantly, they helped the twins communicate when they had the cognitive ability but lacked the fine motor skill (mouth and tongue) for speech.

Christine and i remembered how relieved Elizabeth was to be able to communicate, and how consequently relieved we were! :-)

Kellsey: i hate to say this, but Christine still hasn't caught up on her sleep going on 9 years :-(

then again, she does not often prioritize it ;-)