Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is the War on Drugs a Failure?

The former presidents of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico think so.


Sean Meade said...

so does Tom, and my buddy Kurt (who works for a Colombian company, travels down there all the time, and really loves the country)

Paul Stokes said...
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Paul Stokes said...

If we bring the price down by legalizing, say, pot, will that expand the universe of US users past some sort of tipping point in the US? If we legalize it, will that begin driving the criminals out of the production and distribution systems in the US and world-wide? Even if legalization increases US usage, is it just to visit the consequences of our prohibition system on our neighbors, who do not have the resources to deal with the crime and are suffering terribly? I have to say that the justice argument is very, very compelling to me. In addition, putting in US prisons people who are not essentially violent people is simply crazy. (I know this will send Hank into orbit. Sorry, Hank.)