Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things never to say to a two year old...

So, here is a little interchange between me and Honor from several days ago when we were on a plane and it was landing. Being two, Honor was sitting in her own seat and looking a little bit frightened to be there. As we landed, the plane bumped around a little bit.

Honor: what's that, Mommy? What's that?

Me: Oh, don't worry, Baby, that's just the plane's wheels braking.

Honor: (her eyes fly open in sheer terror)

Me: I think about it a moment and realize that Honor heard me say, "Oh, don't worry, Baby, that's just the plane's wheels breaking".

She thought that the wheels were falling apart and that I was telling her not to worry! Well, don't you guys worry, I quickly explained to her the difference between when something breaks and when it brakes. Her eyes slightly relaxed, but she wasn't truly relieved until we got off the plane.

Silly, Mommy. Scaring such a sweet sweet girl like that!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Honor! I do think she was smart, though, to understand the implications of the wheels "breaking".