Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carlos and Caryn Back to Niger

Carlos and Caryn and their two young children will be returning to the Republic of Niger Tuesday. They are Wycliffe missionaries and have been home getting well from the terrible sieges of malaria they had suffered in that country, especially Caryn and the children, undergoing further training, and raising funds to go back. Visiting our church this morning, Carlos said that there is war in the north part of Niger, so they will not be returning to the place where they had been working before. The family will be based in the capital city, and Carlos will travel from time to time to the war zone, where the Berber people-group (the Tagdal language) among whom they had worked are located. He said that he would not travel where there is any danger, although he gave a rueful smile when he said that.

He also said that he is beginning a PhD program in linguistics at Leiden University in the Netherlands. ("Why there?" he asked rhetorically, "Because it is free.") I guess one is able to do that via the internet and visits to campus from time to time.

Carlos is not certain exactly what shape his work will be taking. He has to get back over to Niger to see. Here is a family who deserve our admiration, prayers, and support.

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