Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marriage Proposed to Lulu

This was on the graffiti wall at church this morning! (That's thunder in the background. It was about to rain.)

Last night, over 200 young people were at Catalyst. In addition to the art work, the gathering held a break-dancing "battle." Some of the break-dancers had come in earlier from a cruise ship, where they had been hired to entertain the passengers. They brought with them young people from families that had been on the cruise. I cannot imagine what those vacationers thought when they arrived at a Presbyterian Church to see a "battle." They also heard Joe Stigale present the Gospel, as he does each week. At the end of his presentation, Joel called for a decision for Christ. My friend Austin Carr, who was there, said that many hands went up and many prayed with Joel the decision prayer.

And someone proposed to Lulu. And she accepted.

(Here's another video on Catalyst.)

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