Saturday, September 05, 2009

Whole foods and grocery cart watching

This is part of one of the discussion board posts I read on the McDougall site:

We spend so much time deciphering labels, trying to understand and calculate the "food value" of packaged food that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Whole foods, in their most basic form, make up the healthiest things we can eat. [In another post, a writer] talks a lot about the high percentage of stuff on the supermarket shelves that are just not fit to eat and a lot of the confusion would be solved by bypassing the aisles and aisles of over processed, over refined, food and drink. So little outside of the produce section is even worth the time to read the nutrition facts label.

I find it a good exercise to see just what is in the shopping carts of the line in front and back of me. It's most revealing to discover you can get pretty close to guessing the contents of the cart by looking at the people. My cart always looks so spartan, devoid of all the advertising splash. I kind of pride myself on how few processed items I can get away with. I figure people just think I'm dirt poor or cheap!


Sean Meade said...

good stuff here.

but if i were watching other people's carts i'd be a big ol' food Pharisee

Paul Stokes said...
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Paul Stokes said...