Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Public Art at Jacksonville Airport

Last weekend we traveled through the new (to us) Jacksonville International Airport and, but for the ubiquitous TV monitors blaring CNN which are very seriously annoying, it is a most pleasant place. (Ubiquitous TV monitors blaring anything would be seriously annoying.) People with good taste worked very hard on the design of the interior of the airport and execution.

Of all places to be presented with some happy public art were the entries to the rest rooms. The first photo presents the entry foyer to the men's room. Note the border around the entrance, both the sides and the top, and then the design on the wall at the rear of the foyer. (I'm sure that there are words for these several parts of the foyer, but I don't know what they are. I don't even know whether "foyer" is the right word to describe the entrance.)

The second photo shows a close up of the vertical boarder of the entrance. As you can begin to see, the boarders are really glass cases with objects in them. The objects in the cases that make up the entry boarders are little globes. The side cases have multi-colored globes and the case that runs across the top of the entrance have bands of multi-colored and blue-hued globes.

The back wall of the foyer turns out to be a glass case too. In it are diagonal rows upon rows of little paper airplanes. What a delight!

The last photo is of the concourse, looking toward the end of it where there is a huge arching window with a giant figure that appears to be walking by it outside. It took me aback when I first saw it. It looked so realistic. Was it a sculpture erected just outside the window? On closer inspection, it proved to be a sort of decal or painting, I don't know which. But it was great fun too.

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