Monday, August 16, 2010

Go, Sidney, Go! Go, Dick, Go!

For Sidney Harmon no opportunity unexplored at age 92.

And there's Dick, too:

I grew up in an airline town, Miami Springs. (I still live there.) One of my Sunday School teachers when I was a young teenager, a man named Dick, was an Eastern Air Lines employee and still lives in Miami Springs. He was union, as everyone was at Eastern, at a time when the government sanctioned airline oligopoly was at its peak. So Dick had great benefits when he retired at 65. Eastern had a particular person, a lady, in its personnel office who handled the retirement papers and met with each new retiree. She had been there for many years when Dick showed up to sign his papers.

She told Dick that male retirees were usually dead within 5 years.

Dick is still ticking and approaching 90, however. He has had several aviation related careers since his retirement, and he is very active in what I call “applied Gospel” activities, that is, helping others who are less fortunate than he.

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