Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lane Kiffin: the Saga Continues

This guy is proving to be much more entertaining, now that he is back at USC, than even I expected him to be at UT.

Not only does he jilt the Orange for USC earlier this year, he circles back 'round and hires away from the Titans its running backs coach Kennedy Pola, without checking with Coach Fisher, as is the applicable protocol and is probably required to avoid liability for tortious interference with a contract

So Fisher sues Kiffin. In response to that suit, Kiffin suggests that it was brought because people in Tennessee don't like him any more, which Fisher says is absurd. While it is true that the good people of Tennessee don't like him (not to mention the good people of the SEC), the problem with the lawsuit is that a particular person doesn't like him, and that person is Coach Fisher. I might mess with the UT athletic director, but I wouldn't mess with Coach Fisher. He's generally annoyed already because the Titans have a had a couple of subpar seasons. Now you really got him mad.

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