Monday, August 09, 2010

Taliban Murder "Medical Relief Workers" in Afganistan

Although buried in the back of the front section of the Herald yesterday, our local organ of MSM did report on the cold-blooded murder by the Taliban of ten Christian medical missionaries from the International Assistance Mission. At least I would call them "Christian medical missionaries," but the Herald wants you to understand that they were essentially "medical relief workers," as if the Gospel had nothing to do with why they put themselves at so much risk. And as if these were mere "workers" anyway.

Among the ten dead were four physicians, three from the US and one from the UK. I do not in any way mean to diminish the loss of the other six, but our family is getting to know just what it takes to train a physician. And then these jerks just walk into the place where this group is having lunch and shoot each one of them, just like that.

The "core values" listed on the IAM website don't exactly center on the Risen Lord, discretion here being the better part of valor. This is especially true in a country whose US-supported constitution makes Islam the state religion. But here are those values:

-Dependency on God
-Love for All
-Quality Work

But the Taliban saw right through that statement, straight through to the Gospel, even if our MSM did not (or would not.)

And what would the core values of the Taliban be?

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